has launched a brand new High Grade Shiny Metal Zipper for our zipper series. This is a super shiny and brighten metal zipper, moreover, it owns a superior smooth level.

Our company's aim is to provide reliable quality, advanced product and customer-oriented service. To achieve this goal, we go on to develop our products in the passed 20 years. From the market research held recently, we found that the taste of consumer rise every year. In order to satisfy our clients no matter in garment, handbag or luggage industries, we launch this series of high grade shiny metal zipper, especially for the product quality from middle to high standard.

In the pass, this kind of high grade metal zipper was depended on the import from Europe and Japan. In addition, the extremely high price made it just can be adapted by the top and famous brands. As this will be the trend in the near future, our company makes the decision that designs and produces it in a popular price and quick delivery in our factory.
Consummate polish ties in with advanced electroplating craft technology. Every piece is precisely cast. Within the ordinary, it prevails the extraordinary.
Abandon the traditional U type top stop, with improved firm and solid pure copper; moreover, added with the rectangle design, all these enabling it protects the front line of the whole zipper compactly and extends the capability for being pull and dragged.
The butterfly type bottom stop can buckle the bottom of the whole zipper tightly; comparing with the traditional claw type, it should be more beautiful and stable.
Adopting a coat of special electroplating and polished a number of times at different angles. It makes the surface shiny and bright. Besides, it can give the user a feeling of super smooth.
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